Who We Are & Why We Are Here

This is our second attempt at blogging here at IIS. We set up a blog last year but weren’t able to give it the TLC it needed to take off and therefore it ended up sitting there with maybe three posts. This time, we hope to be able to keep it updated with information people actually care about and find intriguing.

So, why is an insurance agency based in Grapevine, TX taking time to write a blog anyway? Well, in short, because it seems necessary. The health insurance market is constantly changing and for some agencies, it can be sink or swim. We’ve realized that many of our clients are actively reading social media and keeping up with blogs. We wanted a place where we can stay in touch with people but in a more personal and informal setting.

Just like all occupations, we have stories and experiences we think can help consumers. This blog is our outlet for sharing our thoughts, ideas, and experiences regarding all of the things we run into in this industry.

I won’t bore you with the long details about who we are specifically; I’m quite sure you can find that on any “about us” section on our website or social media pages. I will, however, tell you about the agency in general and what type of business we deal with specifically.

Our agency, Innovative Insurance Solutions, was started over 25 years ago by owner and President of the company, Debbie Gilbert. We are insurance brokers which means we represent and work with multiple insurance companies so we can provide unbiased options to clients. We are based in Grapevine, TX and truly love this community. We do our best to stay active here and to help Grapevine grow and succeed.

Debbie comes from a deep background in the Employee Benefits (group insurance) market. She helps companies find plans like: health, dental/vision, disability, life, etc for employers to offer to their employees. She meets with each person at the company to help explain how the plan benefits work and takes clients through a step by step process from start to finish. Debbie also started an Individual/Family plan department at IIS. This market is for individuals and/or families who are not offered (or do not wish to participate in) group coverage. They can sign up on health, dental, vision, supplemental, and/or telehealth plans that we offer.

Two years ago, Debbie decided she wanted to start a Medicare department at IIS. That’s when she took in Kerstin Key to start-up the department. Kerstin comes from an extensive background in Medicare.

Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain people with disabilities, and people with End-Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant).

Kerstin takes time to meet with clients a few months before their Medicare eligible date to help explain the process of Medicare and how to apply for it (if applicable). Then, once a client has their Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, Kerstin will assist the client in looking for a health plan that meets their specific needs and walks them through every step. She also follows up to ensure the plan is approved and stays in touch with clients to make sure they are taken care of.

We are a full service insurance agency. We will help clients with things like: billing & claims issues, finding new doctors that are in-network, ordering new ID cards, signing up on a new plan, calling the insurance company, etc. We’ve had many clients tell us of their past experiences with agents who signed them up on a new plan and then the client never heard from them again. That is all too common in this industry and unfortunate. We will never be that agent; our goal is be someone’s trusted agent for life.

We really look forward to keeping this blog up and hope that whatever we share can help consumers or other agents who may be facing similar situations.

Thanks for reading!

Be sure to check out our website to see who we are! Click Here

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